My Story

Welcome To “Cooking With Tammy,”

Here’s a little sneak peak into my life. Coming from a culturally diverse background and being a native New Yorker, growing up in Brooklyn,where you definitely can find every cultural ethnicity, as well as herbs and spices from every part of the globe, after being inspired by my amazing grandmother, I kid you not folks, being awaken to some of the most amazing aromas, like freshly baked bread, cakes, bread pudding, sweet fried plantains, coconut tarts, rice and beans, roast pork, baked turkey wings, bbq chicken,”What a way to wake up”U name it, she made it, it was like waking up in a five star restaurant, I really  cherish and pay homage for all the knowledge she instilled on me, so I don’t mine spreading her passion. The art of cooking has to come from your heart and project threw your finger tips to create a master piece dish that everyone will enjoy, it must be heart felt with every bite, with all the expertise knowledge and love I have to create master piece dishes, I would honestly admit that it gives me great pleasure to know that my art of cooking can actually inspire others to be just as creative in the kitchen, with step by step easy to follow instructions, I guarantee that your dish will be to perfection, I present to my audience a multitude of creative recipes that may just hit home for you as well, having spent time with your loved one in the kitchen, so I hope you pledge commitment to my blog so I can guide you on how to get it done, so lets get started, and welcome once again.